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Douglas M. Pace


Pace-Soft, Inc.

San Francisco, CA


Career Summary

Experienced technical systems development and integration manager including a strong background in both theoretical and applied uses of n-tier technology, as well as significant software industry experience in software usability design, development, and testing. Extensive PeopleSoft implementation experience (12 successful implementations) including extensive development, testing, training, technical team management, and developer training.

Extremely proficient in the use of PeopleSoft online and batch development tools, with significant database experience (specializing in Oracle).  Drawn to the most complex aspects and areas of any implementation, and will remain focused to deliver using efficient and proven processes and methodology.


Implementation Experience


Gaming Company, San Francisco, CA

PS Financials 9.0 Developer/Cutover Manager

4      Wrote Sales-Order and Customer Conversions

o      Designed and built custom sales order conversion module in Application Engine, utilizing several delivered routines (Order Completion, Repricing) to guarantee accuracy and data integrity.

o      Took over and re-wrote large portions of an existing Customer Conversion utilizing Component Interface

o      Built sequenced SQL reconciliation scripts to quickly verify conversion accuracy and provide end user reports

4      Wrote Sales Order Interfaces

o      Built complex custom inbound and outbound Application Engine interfaces to support custom transmission of sales order information to warehouse distribution as well as confirmation of sales order shipping

o      Emulated online operations of reducing sales order quantity as well as creating backorders automatically.  Sales order reductions, cancellations, and backorders were performed based upon dynamic business logic and driven by variances in ordered, allocated, and shipped quantities in conjunction with bill-to/ship-to customer settings.

4      Created several custom reports to provide real-time business intelligence around the sales order business process (including the monitoring of the custom sales order interfaces described above)

4      Provided project-wide troubleshooting in PeopleSoft development tools, application and tools SQL, and Oracle DBA-related challenges

o      Specific troubleshooting and performance tuning related to the OM pricing engine

4      Created several project-wide tools:

o      Central File Reference Tool: Online tool to designate file and directory locations by several meta-variables to create a dynamic layer between the application and file system and limit unnecessary code changes

o      Query Run Control Tool: Co-designed and built an architecture to implement a run control page to provide an additional user layer for PS Query which helped bridge the gap between using PS Query as an adhoc tool and providing a more robust reporting engine.  Supported scheduling and viewing queries, as well as providing App Class support for custom defaulting and logic related to inbound prompt values

o      EDI File Builder: By integrating the file reference tool describe above with a File Layout Definition, created a customizable App Class which all production outbound EDI programs now use to create outbound files without writing program-specific code.

4      Cutover Planning and Management

o      Built and maintained detailed (450+ steps) MS Project technical/functional cutover plan used for production cutover and rehearsals

o      Managed cross-team integration (including independent data warehouse/reporting group) throughout cutover process


University Client, San Francisco, CA

PS Financials 9.0 XML/BI Publisher Developer

4      Performed viability assessment for XML Publisher (now BI Publisher) for batch reporting needs

4      Lead the design and development 28 reports

4      Created a “one-click solution” enabling the option of running XML Publisher reports to a window (in either Excel or PDF) in single mouse click (bypassing process monitor)

4      Built a core architecture supporting all XML Publisher reports which provided:

o      Shared online components (subpages) supporting one-click report execution (used by each report)

o      Shared App Engine libraries called by each report to simplify and centralize report processing and development

4      Provided complete training and documentation for technical staff

4      Note: Presented this approach at the 2008 HEUG Conference (Session 25763)

PS Financials 9.0 Reporting Database Lead

4      Created and managed project plan to build a custom PS Reporting Database

4      Coordinated disparate technical/functional teams to create design and deliver on-time solution

4      Created nightly database refresh approach

4      Designed and developed custom bolt-on application within PeopleSoft to configure security within the new database by mapping existing production roles to new reporting roles

4      Created nightly script to apply custom security settings for all reporting users

4      Developed communication plan and documentation

PS Financials 9.0 Developer

4      Created a User Load Bolt-On PeopleSoft Tool

o      Automates the process of collecting the complete user and P2P-related role information for thousands of new users

o      Consisted of several online pages and supporting batch programs

o      Provided extensive online mechanism for managers to enter user information and ensure appropriate role relationships existed within and between departments

o      During go-live, the associated batch routine automated the process of entering all user preferences and security options for hundreds of users in under five minutes

4      Provided performance tuning support

o      Assisted development of performance testing approach

o      Assisted with the recording of LoadRunner scripts for automated stress and load testing

o      Reviewed and improved performance for online and batch routines, including App Engine, SQR, and PeopleCode routines

o      Reviewed, replaced, or improved database indexes and other parameters

PS Financials 8.4 Conversion Specialist

4      Provided support for conversion team implementing PeopleSoft Grants & Projects, as well as AR & Billing to supplement their existing PS Financials 8.4 implementation

4      With six months prior to go-live, provided technical approach and architecture for remaining conversion development

4      Created almost 100 reconciliation and validation queries (including automation) to ensure all conversion data converted correctly, matched source transactions, and were populated correctly (eg. validating prompts, required fields, etc.)

4      Instituted new development approach (design through testing) for outstanding conversion revisions

4      Provided development assistance with complex revisions, new modules, and code rewrites

PS Financials 8.4 Development

4      Helped design/document environment approach and migration procedures

4      Assisted performance tuning several COBOL, App Engine, and SQR processes, including several modifications to be adapted by PeopleSoft (Processes: BI_TO_PC, BIIF0001, CA_BI_INTFC, GMFACS, PC_PRICING)

4      Provided general technical support to existing development team (with a special focus toward using tracing to debug and develop new applications more quickly and efficiently)

4      Created several additional development tools, including:

o      To support conversion cutover, built a custom VBA monitoring program to email on a process status change.

o      Built a tool in Excel (VBA) to extract a specified amount from beginning or end of excessively large trace files

Software Selection and Analysis

4      Assisted the Project Management Office (PMO) with data for software selection and assessment

4      Reviewed and summarized available options for the following software areas:

o      Business Intelligence/Reporting

o      Workflow/Business Process Management Software (BPMS)

o      Enterprise Portal

4      Conducted and documented extensive peer review of similar institutions to determine their involvement in each of these areas

4      Researched available industry analysis, forums, documentation, and trial software

4      Delivered comprehensive report summarizing results from peer review, industry research, and direct exposure to various products as applicable


Telecommunications Client, Reston, VA [Implementation Partner: CapGemini Consulting]     

PS HCM 9.0 Developer

4      Provided support for conversion team implementing PeopleSoft Grants & Projects, as well as AR & Billing to supplement their existing PS Financials 8.4 implementation

4      Extensive troubleshooting around several modules jeopardizing go-live, including unix scripts involved in interfaces, conversion routines, DMS scripts, and PL/SQL routines

4      Designed and built additional SQL scripts, PS Query, Excel spreadsheets, and user processes to automate significant post-conversion updates to employee data

4      Created significant customizations to Unix script to programmatically copy EAI file between systems, using online customizable options

o      Modified architecture to utilize App Engine to initiate and control script, and implement additional variable runtime options

4      Designed, documented, and implemented architectural changes to their existing custom “T&L Split” process to ensure pay calendar splits did not leave the system state vulnerable to corruption on errors

4      Supported production issues post go-live, making various code changes to correct failing online and batch routines

4      Provided additional senior technical support to client and consultant technical and functional team members


Healthcare Provider, Los Angeles, CA [Implementation Partner: Huron Consulting]

PS Financials 8.4 Conversion Lead:

4      As part of a successful effort to salvage a PeopleSoft Grants implementation already in production, designed and developed five significant conversion modules to re-configure and manipulate transactional history to reflect this new configuration - updates spanned all of Financials, with most updates applied to Project Costing, Grants, and Commitment Control

4      Extensive updates to Commitment Control included re-associating all transactional expense history to new high-level (or "roll-up") accounts, requiring updates to (and an extensive understanding of) all core Commitment Control tables

4      Created complete functional and technical documentation for the effort, including a conversion/reconciliation strategy

4      All routines extensively tuned for performance: in less than four hours, updates completed spanned over six million rows in over 70 tables, involving 4000+ lines of SQR code, 27 DMS scripts and 156 SQL scripts

4      Built, tested, and executed reconciliation routines generating over one hundred reconciliation reports

4      Acted as the technical lead on the project, ensuring consistent code delivery from online customizations to reporting, as well as managing the technical relationship between our project and CSC (outsourced by CHLA for PeopleSoft hosting and maintenance)

4      Served as the project (and client) Commitment Control expert, solving problems or providing workarounds

PS Financials 8.4 Designer/Developer:

4      Implemented extensive online modifications to improve research project budgeting, preventing errors which had previously required subsequent back-end updates due to limitations in delivered PeopleSoft functionality

4      Delivered an Excel utility (using VBA) to automate rebuilding security trees in PeopleSoft

4      Tuned performance for existing online queries (some increases from hours down to seconds)

4      Built several custom SQR routines to correct out-of-balance conditions throughout budgets and expenses in PeopleSoft Financials, and specifically Commitment Control, Projects, and Grants

Health Research Institution, Boston, MA [Implementation Partner: CapGemini Consulting]

Conversion Team Manager/Lead PS Developer, Financials 8.4:

 (including Grants Management, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Asset Management, Billing, Project Costing, Purchasing, Inventory, General Ledger, and Commitment Control)

4      Lead and Managed conversion team for Vendor, Asset, Item, Projects, and AR conversion efforts

4      Designed and developed conversion (including a complete custom conversion into the first production implementation of PS Grants), and overseeing and managing remaining conversion work

4      Designed and developed conversion and audit programs to convert into PeopleSoft Grants, Contracts, Customers (Grant Sponsors), GL Journals, Purchase Orders, and Item Categories

4      Managed, designed, and built client tools to help data cleanup using SQL, MS Access, SQR, and Excel

4      Spreadsheet Component Interface used to load Item Categories

4      Built custom production tool to auto-populate and maintain project security trees using business rules

PS Financials 8.4 Designer/Developer:

4      SCM (Supply Chain Management) - Enhanced PeopleSoft's delivered item update process:

o      Designed and developed this multi-module addition to eProcurement

o      Allows importing item price data using a simplified vendor layout, dynamically converting (using current PS File Layout Definition) to the required item price loader file format delivered with PeopleSoft

o      An online component allows users to analyze and accept or reject (individually or in bulk) vendor item updates using filtering and data analysis provided through the tool

o      The online tool is supported by several custom-developed external routines to consolidate item usage data as well as processing the selected updates using PeopleSoft's delivered routines

4      Production Support

o      Developed custom update and reconciliation SQL to correct encumbrances not being relieved. The final fix involved several custom SQL scripts, as well as running delivered PeopleSoft processes.

o      Specialized in resolving problems associated with eProcurement Approval workflow, Requisitioning, and Sourcing POs

Reconciliation Lead, PS HR 8.0 (including HR, Payroll, Time & Labor, and Benefits):

4      Designed and developed reconciliation approach to reconcile all PeopleSoft converted data (HR and Financials) to AS400 source

4      Designed and built audit reports verifying data inconsistencies between PeopleSoft and AS400 source data

4      Developed automated reconciliation enabling complete reconciliation in two hours during cutover

4      Provided project training in tracing PeopleSoft applications, as well as mentoring team members in PeopleTools, SQL, and SQR

Construction Client, Indianapolis, IN [Implementation Partner: Cap Gemini Ernst & Young]

Technical manager and senior PeopleSoft developer on PeopleSoft 7.5 Financials implementation team (implementing Accounts Payable, Billing, Accounts Receivable, Project Costing, Purchasing, Asset Management, and Time & Labor)

4      Managed special development team in the creation of the Daily Job Input (DJI) application, an online integrated extension to PeopleSoft incorporating business processes specific to the construction industry

DJI Specifications:

           Interfaced into PS Project Costing, Purchasing, and Kronos Timekeeper application

           Built using the PeopleSoft toolset

           Involved a full suite of online integrated panels as well as new batch routines, interfaces, and reports

4      Provided technical support for Ernst & Young development team members, including leading weekly sessions on development pitfalls and issues, and delivering focused training sessions on several specific topics related to development and development standards

4      Provided quality assurance on development activity including interface and report development, conversion programming, application configuration and system customization

4      Served as a key developer for troubleshooting, as well as batch, reporting, and custom development

Media Client, Richmond, VA [Implementation Partner: Ernst & Young]

Technical project manager on PeopleSoft 7.0 financials implementation of General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Asset Management, and Budgets

4      Managed technical team in coordination with Ernst & Young LLP implementation team

4      Selected and sourced technical team supporting client resources including E&Y application support, external developers, programmers and database administrators

4      Trained and managed client IS business analysts in assuming application support roles in post-implementation environment

4      Instituted specification and development technical documentation standards in implementation for continued client use

4      Provided quality assurance on development activity including interface and report development, conversion programming, application configuration and system customization

4      Performed project management responsibilities for technical team including project workplan management, change management and issue resolution processes, status reporting, and senior client management interface

4      Assisted client senior IT management in the planning, procurement, and implementation of new technical architecture to support conversion to client/server environment

Financial Sector Client, Cincinnati, OH  [Implementation Partner: Deloitte and Touche]

Lead technical support on PeopleSoft 7.0 financials implementation of General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Asset Management, and Purchasing

4      Led technical team within Deloitte & Touche LLP implementation team

4      Acted as team technical expert in online and batch process troubleshooting, also providing support in configuration, database, and platform issues in a DB2/Windows NT environment

4      Created PC workstation configuration scripts to automate configuration among several PS environments

4      Corrected several errors in delivered Application Engine and SQR processes, as well as several online processes, including updates to providing solutions back to PeopleSoft development for use in later versions of their product

4      Implemented applicable PeopleSoft PSForum patches and fixes, and acted as central point of contact for PS technical support

Financial Sector Client, Atlanta, GA [Implementation Partner: Deloitte and Touche]

Lead technical analyst/developer for PeopleSoft version 6.0 implementation of Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Time & Labor and HRMS modules, project-wide expert on PeopleSoft's architecture

4      Lead analyst/developer for the PeopleSoft vendor conversion, involving the migration and integration of data from several legacy vendor systems

4      Acted as team technical support in resolving configuration, database, platform and programming issues

4      Designed and created various custom applications and reports within implementation using SQR, SQL, Crystal Reports, and MS Access

4      Developed/implemented extensive modifications to the delivered Positive Pay process

4      Designed/implemented extensive custom interface to PeopleSoft's Accounts Payable from PeopleSoft's Time & Labor module using PeopleSoft's EDI Manager and custom SQR

4      Implemented applicable PeopleSoft PSForum patches and fixes, as well as acting as central point of contact for PeopleSoft technical support

4      Project-wide expert on PeopleSoft's proprietary client/server architecture

Communications Client, Southlake, TX [Implementation Partner: Andersen Consulting]

Design analyst during the implementation of PeopleSoft 5.1 Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Inventory, Project Costing, and PeopleSoft General Ledger, specifically focusing on the online and batch components of the Purchasing module

4      Lead analyst/developer for the Interface and Conversion team from Oracle Financials to PeopleSoft Purchasing, converting several thousand purchase orders (with and without receiving-related information)

4      Served as project-wide expert on PeopleSoft architecture

4      Responsible for creating and modifying Process scheduler job definitions, creating new end user reports and the enhancement of PeopleSoft reporting capabilities using the online and batch reporting tools

Healthcare Client, Fort Smith, AK [Andersen Consulting]

4      Provided technical support for C development throughout the project

4      Created several custom architecture components using Visual C++ for Windows. 

4      Designed/developed the majority of a C-based batch application to emulate an existing COBOL batch application in the client’s transition to a client/server architecture

4      Created API’s to interface client Windows application reporting window to Windows spreadsheet application (Lotus 123 for Windows) to provide custom forms using DDE

Software Design Experience

Ventaso, Inc, San Francisco, CA

User Interface Design Manager

Managed team of web developers and designers for software startup, and served as company thought-leader in usability and design related issues for entire product suite

4      Lead design effort to improve usability and look-and-feel of web-based and PC-based applications, taking into account user and market requirements

4      Designed major user interface design changes to existing PC based client-server application

4      Managed design and implementation of new corporate website

4      Designed, managed, and conducted a usability testing study with 8 users to enhance software ease of use

Usability Sciences Corporation, Irving, TX

Usability Testing Analyst

4      Led numerous projects to study software usability, partnering with leading Windows and Macintosh developers, including: Apple Computer, Borland, Symantec, America Online, Lotus, and Aldus

4      Conducted more than 200 usability testing sessions, incorporating extensive understanding of all phases of usability testing, including: Designing the usability testing session, data logging during testing, generating complete post-test formal reports, including product recommendations to improve software usability as well as edited video highlights from the testing sessions


4      VP1 - July/Aug 2003 - Cover Article: Oracle's Unusual Approach

4      VP1 - Sept/Oct 2003 - ThinkTank: Offshore Development

4      VP1 - Mar/April 2004 - ThinkTank: PeopleSoft User Conferences

4      VP1 - Jan/Feb 2005 - ThinkTank:  Oracle Fusion

Commercial Software

Pace-Trace, a PeopleSoft Debugging Tool  

Designed and developed Pace-Trace, a powerful and easy-to-use development tool, providing a graphical method of quickly interpreting and applying SQL tracing data from the delivered PeopleSoft trace file.  Allows immediate conversion of traced online and batch SQL transactions to SQL or SQR code.

Computing Experience Summary


SQR, SQL, C/C++/Visual C++, VB/VBA/VB.net, PL/SQL,  Unix/DOS scripting

Operating Systems:

Windows 2000/NT/XP/Vista, DOS, UNIX, Mac OS, MVS


Oracle, Informix, DB2, SQL Server, SQLBase


PeopleTools [App Designer, App Engine, Crystal Reports, PS Query, app messaging, XML Publisher], EDI, MS Visual Studio, MS Office Suite (inc. Visio/Project)

Delivered Training and Presentations


4   HEUG (Higher Education User Group), Las Vegas, 2008: XML Publisher – The Good, the Bad, the Ugly


Training Sessions for Clients

4   Developing and Troubleshooting XML Publisher reports

4   Troubleshooting PeopleSoft Applications (multiple clients)

4   Introduction/Advanced SQR (multiple clients)

4   Techniques in Tracing PeopleSoft Applications (multiple clients)

4   Introduction to C Programming (Andersen Consulting)

4   Introduction to Client/Server Programming (Andersen Consulting)


Texas A&M University

BS, Computer Science [Marketing Minor]