Use the links on the right to select each of the major documentation areas available, or read below to find out what section might be of most interest to you.

  • The Quick Start guide should be used for those that already have a SQL trace file, have downloaded and installed Pace-Trace and are ready to begin using it to help their problem-solving.
  • Use the Product Manual for more detailed instructions on using the product’s functionality.
  • The Usage Guide is more of a real-world guide to using the software. Although actually opening and viewing a trace file is fairly easy, incorporating the product of this research into your implementation in an effective and useful way takes more time. I want to use this area to help communicate some of my own tricks which could help you as well.
  • About PeopleSoft Tracing is a quick reference to how to turn on tracing, which programs support it, and how to get to the file after it is created.