I wrote my original guide to turning on tracing to match what I think makes sense for most users turning on tracing; using the method I described, you can easily focus on a particular statement using Pace-Trace to assist throughout the process. However, after chatting with Ryan earlier, I realize that I should also include the process for turning on tracing interactively within a session. In most clients that I have worked, developers are granted direct access to the online trace file; however, sometimes you may find yourself less fortunate, and required to have the file manually transferred for you each time you want to review its contents. If you find yourself in this position, you will certainly want to minimize the size of the trace file as much as you can. The new addition to the guide to tracing can be found here. Also, I felt that my guide to turning on tracing was somewhat “buried,” so I added it in the “Quick Links” section on the home page. (And good luck on getting access to that trace file.)

I am currently in the process of adding my first real contributions to the Usage Guide, which should hopefully take more shape over the next week. I have been struggling on exactly how I want to lay that all out. In addition, I’ve decided to add another section with useful SQL for PeopleSoft implementations. Overall, I just want to put everything out there that people keep asking of me from various projects. Hopefully after a while, I can just answer questions with a URL from my website. 🙂