What is Pace-Trace?

Most professionals involved with PeopleSoft have seen a SQL trace file at one point in their career. Although extremely valuable, extracting the useful information from this file can be a significant hurdle. Loading the file in Pace-Trace, this information is made available to you in a clear format, even if you are not a programmer. Being able to continue focusing on the problem, and not the file, dramatically speeds the process toward your eventual solution. As a developer myself, this tool solves the one problem I could not find any other available tool to solve. Since 1997, Pace-Trace has been maintained and extended, providing more functionality with more accuracy on each release. Read on for more information about the tool and the significant updates for the latest version.



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Problems? An update is on the way!

I am aware of a problem people are having in XP after a recent security update from Microsoft. Even uninstalling and re-installing the software does not seem to fix the problem. As I am in the middle of fairly significant update to the software, it is not easy to...

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Working on a new version. Ideas? Requests?

I am working on a new version of Pace-Trace, which will be a restructuring of sorts, and include a much nicer feel as I incorporate a new grid control and add other improvements. Have you been using the tool for a while? Any feature requests or ideas?

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Added a conversion guide

I finally finished my write-up to provide some tips on writing conversion code using Pace-Trace. As usual, I ended up spending more time on it than I expected, but hopefully with a valuable byproduct. It is hard to cover this topic without getting into the debate...

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