After putting off a number of improvements for quite a while, I’m currently working on a new version of the application. In addition to updating the main grid to use a more modern control, allowing better display options, I am rewriting several core areas using a more OO (object oriented) design approach. These structural updates are mandated for accreditation as a recommended tool by Rockridge Solutions.

This is also a great time to add in a few feature requests that have been sitting out there for a while. Among those are support for using regular expressions in filtering the SQL displayed. I believe the overall filtering mechanism currently in Pace-Trace is somewhat basic, and plan add a number of additional features with how this works, and will work with a number of approaches before making a final call. I have a number of other ideas, such as continually monitoring the trace file as it is written, but consider it premature to make promises those will be in the next release.

Have you been using the tool for a while? Any feature requests or ideas? Feel free to leave in the comments.