Welcome to the new pace-soft.com! After a few months of completing an upgrade to the software as well as a complete re-organization of my website, I am finally ready to go “live” with my own implementation of sorts. My new website solves several problems I had with my previous website, and adds in all kinds of features I never really expected. I am truly a fan of WordPress now, and have to say I am truly impressed with what that package has done. My entire site is built using it, and allows me to incorporate all of the latest website features, from supporting Comments to RSS feeds, as well as many other additions. (Thank you Alan for hosting, help, and implementation.)

Although far from finished, I believe my site is in a state that will be useful to the PeopleSoft development community, and for that reason, I am “turning it on.”

Coming soon:

  • Full User Manual: While I did create a brief overview page and a few other supporting bits of information, the full user guide will provide instructions for all features of the product.
  • Usage Guides: Not only will I be creating full documentation for the product, but also a “usage guide” which provides detailed techniques of using the tool during implementations. Tracing is a way of life for me, so I might as well share how I use it and why I think it’s so great.

Although seemingly unrelated, Tesla Motors, a relatively recent addition to our collective technology community, has been somewhat of an inspiration for me on several fronts. In short: I think they will change the world. I love how their appreciation of technology, the market, and energy work together to create one of the first real solutions to our energy crises.

While there still remains significant depth to cover, let me know if you have thoughts of areas to improve or anything else that comes to mind.