I truly hate SPAM. Who doesn’t? But when the spammers decide that they want use your domain (pace-soft.com) to send out emails to the rest of the world, that takes my frustration to a new level. Every day I am getting emails from people asking for me to stop sending out SPAM. I wish it were that simple – just contact the “sender” of them SPAM and have it stop. Certainly paypal.com, wellsfargo.com, mail.yahoo.com, etc. are all sick of this same type of libel, and I am personally amazed that after this many years, we have so few methods of attacking this problem. I consider myself quite computer-savvy, being a programmer and all, but I admit I do not know all the ends and outs of not only the technical hurdles of guaranteeing email addresses as well as privacy issues intertwined. I would just hope organizations paid to help keep a safe and fair environment (like our government) could help work with capable parties to secure this problem once and for all.

And to anyone who has received email with {anything}@pace-soft.com as the “sender,” my sincere apologies and promise that these emails do not originate from me, my servers, or anything that is affiliated with me in any form.

Of course, me writing about this very frustration will likely unleash a mountain of new problems for me and my site. Life goes on.